Dad joins the FLY team in his new FLY tee!

Picking hachiya persimmons with Dad.

Alina and Rogan, friends and classmates at an orange pick

Our youngest teammates: Diego, Alina and Rogan 

Elijah, climbing trees like a BOSS!

The POWER of  Elijah's can even see it through his mask!

Vineet up the tangelo tree, cautiously climbed the rungs one at a time, conquering her fear of heights!

Picking the sweetest navel oranges and tangerines in Glendora

The time we came upon a mockingbird nest in the lemon tree we were picking from!

And then the mockingbird eggs hatched to reveal these four babies!

The donor set up a Go Pro to capture this feeding moment

Posing with the rescued grapefruit and pet BOA CONSTRICTORS at Leslie, one of our donor's home!





The Daredevils!

Picking the sweetest  small apples from the very generous Rosslyn in San Dimas

Picking the sweetest clementines and blood oranges at an ANIMAL FARM!

Sampling the Blood Oranges we saved!

Admiring the beautiful citrus we rescued!

Vineet loves the chicken we met at one of our most fun mandarin picks!

Ms Webb!

I'm watching you!

Brody with a Silky

Mihir feeding the hens

Silkies scurring around while we pick!

Hello Rigby!

Newly laid eggs, some even blue and green!

Feeding mealworms to the chicks

Our 1st Passion Fruit Pick

Georgia models fuerte avocados

A BUMPER avocado pick in Glendora where we employed the help of Angel and Guillermo, the pros!

Angel and Gullermo, the professional tree trimmers and climbers, who helped us harvest the high hanging avocados

The Halloween Persimmon Pick 2021

Picking the sweetest tangerines from our donors, Carol and Tim's beautiful backyard in La Verne

Taking a break from college applications at a pick in Glendora

Meeting Cinnamon was the highlight of one of our pandemic picks in La Verne

A 'Mixed Citrus Tree' that has lemons, oranges and tangerines growing on a single tree. This is done using the botanical tecnique called 'grafting'. Have you ever seen one?

Lemons, oranges and tangerines all from a single tree!!!

Meeting Dave the African Tortoise on a recent pick was so much fun. He sure is a lettuce lover!

Ms Duckie by her personal pond

Mr and Mrs Cluck all 'cooped' up!

The highlight of picking citrus from our donor Georgia's home was meeting Spencer, her Sheepodoodle!

Hello Spencer!

Picking Grapefruit, Oranges and Meyer Lemons from Amy's backyard in Azusa. Met her son AJ and his pet cat, Pacey. AJ sure is a budding fruit picker!

Spring is Loquat season and we picked these beauties from Violet in Glendora

While picking loquats, Violet's naughty pets, Doro and Booboo kept whistling and blowing kisses at us! Doro, on the left, is a one legged rescue and his name in Greek means 'gift of God'

Toni and Mihir at a Fig Pick

Vineet petting Zoomie, a thirteen year old tortoise at a kumquat pick 

Lisa's home is a way station for Monarchs during migration

Butterflies 101 with Lepidopterist Lisa, one of our new donors. In the picture is Lyn, one of our team members

Giant Swallowtail larvae camouglage as bird poop on a common rue plant

Gulf Fritillary Caterpillar

Monarch Larva

Cloudless Sulphur Eggs (white)

Cassia Popcorm Plant: Host plant for Yellow Suphurs and smells of buttery popcorn

Butterfly Wisdom

Spotting a bird's nest when picking the juiciest plums!

Courtney and Mike with our Glendora High crew of Paris and Emily at a fruitful pick in Glendora

Thank you Marco for not letting the lemons drop and for donating the crop!

'Tis Always The Time for Giving At Fruitfully Yours! 

Santa's Helpers At Work! 

Donating fruit to the La Fetra Senior Center, Glendora for the seniors' lunch packages

An avocado pick from the City of Glendora's avocado trees lining one of the streets

Meeting the cutest bunny!

Meeting Stormy (Thunder and Lighting, the other two cats, not in the picture)

First time seeing tiny Hummingbird eggs at our donor Bob's beautiful home in La Verne!

Fearless Courtney posing with a donor's pet snakes!

Happiness is ...picking fruit with friends and family!

Friends that pick together, stay together!

The time Mike brought his friends along

Mike under the most gorgeous grapefruit tree 

Flower Girls

Some of us reliving our childhood memories of climbing trees

JJ and Caleb have blood orange eyes!