Meet Mihir

Mihir Anand

Mihir Anand, Founder, started Fruitfully Yours in Aug 2017 when he was 14 years of age and a Freshman at Glendora High School, with the support of his mother.

From 2017 to 2021, he grew the organization within the local community from just two volunteeres to fifty plus volunteers and about 200 fruit donors. He is now pursuing computer science at his dream college, Stanford.

Besides Fruitfully Yours, Mihir demonstrates excellence in many aspects of his life. Mihir finished high school as a valedictorian and his favorite subjects were computer science, math, and photography and he is the recipient of the AP Scholar with Distinction Award from College Board and the All-Academic League Award from the Palomares Athletics League. He was also a member of the National Honor Society, the LEO Club, the National Scholarship Federation and others.

Mihir loves playing tennis and was ranked #1 in his high school's Varsity team. His hobbies include video making, photography and art. Traveling and hanging out with his family and friends make him very happy.

Daredevil Mihir!

Mihir has always been ophidiophobic until this fruit pick at one of our donors, Leslie's place. Leslie had six pet snakes, boa constrictors and ball pythons. He shocked us all by voluneering to hold a boa constrictor when Leslie introduced us to her pets! That's Mihir...always pushing himself out of his comfort zone.

Glendora High School Associated Student Body (ASB) Shoutout for Mihir (2021)

The Fruitfully Yours Google Doodle (2020)

Mihir's entry for Google's 2020 'Google Doodle' competition themed, "I show kindness by"